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1- Market Intelligence: 
ECS disseminates relevant and accurate information on international markets and business opportunities to Egyptian companies to help them become more efficient in pursuing their activities.
 ECS offers reports covering basic country data, economic and business climate, changes in trade trends, competitors' activities, new business opportunities, trade policies and regulations, trade agreements, etc.
 Moreover, ECS provides tailored information adapted to the business needs such as key features and strategies of different sectors, market research and analysis, distribution channels, quality & technical standards, as well as investigations on potential trade partners. This information is available to all Egyptian companies free of charge.Using its experience, knowledge and resources ECS also provides advice and consultancy on key issues: recommendations on the best strategy to enter a market, finding serious partners, etc.

The main services in this field are: 
• Identifying Business Opportunities
• Business Enquiries
• Directories and Databases
• Information on Customs and Tariffs
• Country Guides, Reports and Snapshots
• Specific Sector Reports by Countries/Regions
• Information on Trade Agreements

2- Export Promotion:
ECS supplies Egyptian companies with various services in order to assist them in promoting their products and services in foreign markets. Among these services are:
• Participation in Fairs and Exhibitions
• Trade Missions
• Matchmaking

3- Commercial Diplomacy:  
One of the core activities of ECS is commercial diplomacy.
Through participation in trade negotiations and dispute settlements ECS influences policies and regulatory decisions affecting Egyptian trade and defends the interests of business community.
Attraction of Foreign Investment:  
One of the vital roles of ECS is to attract foreign investments to the Egyptian market. The network of commercial offices abroad inform, orient, and assist foreign companies interested in investing in Egypt. ECS also organizes conferences, seminars and special business missions to Egypt. 
ECS can provide interested foreign companies with all the information needed about starting or expanding a business in Egypt, including details of locations, financial incentives, product sectors, availability of labor, employee costs and skills, tax and all relevant data the potential foreign investor needs to know. Our network of offices can also help foreign investors in finding suppliers or local partners. 
ECS also disseminates information on specific investment opportunities, privatization programs, and other cooperation proposals for joint ventures, technology and know-how transfers, etc.