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About Us:​

In the realm of the continuous reform of the Egyptian economy, Egypt is making wide strides to be able to catch up with a world where rapid political, economic, and social changes are being witnessed, along with globalization, technology development, and flow of investments.

 The Egyptian government has recently taken several important steps to liberalize the economy and integrate with the global market, through rapid and full implementation of  WTO rules and regulations, and the pursuit of multilateral regional and bilateral trade agreements. These agreements will allow Egypt to gain access to the world's markets, giving investors in Egypt a manufacturing base for exports. Egypt also accelerated the improvement of trade and investment procedures in line with best international practices.

 The role of the Egyptian Commercial Service (ECS) is meant to actively contribute to this economic reform and development process. ECS is aware of the need to give a primary emphasis on foreign trade and investment, to effectively use its unique network of offices abroad, and to provide quality services, making it “the trade partner” for the Egyptian business community wishing to expand internationally.

 ECS is catching up with the market challenges by using effectively its resources to deliver Egyptian companies with high quality services, offering a package of services tailored to business needs, and assisting these companies in finding new opportunities abroad.​