Trade plays a key role in economic development through promoting exports in different sectors, creating real export opportunities for exporters in foreign markets and raising local production in order to meet global competition.



Industry is the strategic goal and the main factor for setting production rules and organizing export decisions of the national economy through an industrial sector able to compete and export to world markets.



2017 Strategy

Industry and Trade Development Strategy.

Gamea delivers Egypt’s speech at Arab-Brazil Economic Forum

Egypt’s exports to Brazil grew significantly after joining the Mercosur trade bloc to reach $541 last year, up from $155 in 2017.

Gamea meets Algerian counterparts for cooperation talks

The meeting has discussed know-how transfer from Egypt in the establishment of industrial parks and free zones.

EOS participates in Cameroon’s ARSO Week 2022

The 28th ARSO General Assembly Events are hosted by the government of Cameroon in the capital Yaounde on July 27-28.

MTI regulates lead levels in local, imported paint

The move comes within a global shift towards phasing out high lead concentration levels in paints.

 8 Years in Review: Sisi's accomplishments in industry, trade

Trade and industry have been a top priority for the Egyptian administration over the last eight years, since July 2014.

MTI delegation visits Tunisia for know-how transfer in industrial sector

The visit aims to explore the Tunisian experience in the field of solar water heating in industries.

MTI, Ghorfa agree to set up regional HQ in Cairo

The agreement reflects the keenness of both governments to further boost cooperation between their respective private sectors.

Gamea meets heads of German automotives association, ALDI retailer

The meetings have explored cooperation opportunities in the fields of car manufacturing and retail trade.

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