Trade plays a key role in economic development through promoting exports in different sectors, creating real export opportunities for exporters in foreign markets and raising local production in order to meet global competition.



Industry is the strategic goal and the main factor for setting production rules and organizing export decisions of the national economy through an industrial sector able to compete and export to world markets.



2017 Strategy

Industry and Trade Development Strategy.

African trade ministers adopt 'Cairo package'

The 7th African Trade Ministers meeting ended in a consensus on a large number of outstanding topics.

Egypt hosts 7th African trade ministers meeting

The 7th African Trade Ministers meeting kicked off today in Cairo, with the participation of 54 African Union countries.

First intra-African trade fair kicks off in Cairo

Egypt's premier opened the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) 2018 held in Cairo on December 11-17.

Egypt to host Pacprocess MENA for first time in 2019, Nassar says

Trade and Industry Minister Amr Nassar announced that for the first time Egypt will host Pacprocess Middle East Africa in Dec 201

Nassar participates in Sharm Sheikh’s Africa forum

Nassar took part in the “Africa 2018' business forum and held talks with senior African government officials and business leaders

Mercedes-Benz mulls providing Egypt with express buses

Ministers of trade and industry, and transport met with a Mercedes-Benz delegation to explore further areas of cooperation.

Nassar, UK envoy to Egypt discuss post-Brexit cooperation

Nassar met with UK Trade Envoy to Egypt Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, where they explored the future of economic cooperation post-Brexit

Egypt-Ireland business forum kicks off in Cairo

Nassar opened the Egyptian-Irish Business Forum held in Cairo, together with Ireland’s minister of trade and employment.

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