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• Land Allocation and real estate transactions (assignment – annexation – deal resumption) for industrial projects and units.
• Approvals of establishing or modifying a project inside or outside industrial zones.
• Industrial registry (1st time registration – renewal – modification – replacement/ true copy – registry certificate translation – registry data certificate – reviewing registry data before issuing the provisional certificate).
• In the field of local manufacturing (tariff cuts – provisional release of imported components – determining local manufacturing percentages – customs release of production requirements for industrial registry - release of 16% of the materials used for operation testing - customs release of all import bills of requirements, components and spare parts for overhaul of railway carriages’ turbine engines – applying Article (4) of Law No. 186/ 1986 to the pipes & cables necessary for the project’s machinery & equipment).
• Issuing, reviewing and renewing traffic letters.
• In the field of hazardous chemical substances (customs release of hazardous chemical substances of the industrial & trading companies holding an industrial registry– annual release of hazardous chemical substances of the factories holding an industrial registry – issuing a letter addressed to the Public Security Department indicating industrial companies’ annual needs of oxygen water).
• Issuing licenses of chemical warehouses (1st time license of industrial projects’ chemical warehouses valid for one year/ three years –1st time commercial chemical warehouse’s license for one year/ three years – modification/renewal of (industrial/commercial) chemical warehouse – issuing in-process licensing letter of chemical warehouses for the first time – getting a copy of the license (replacement/true copy – inspection procedures for chemical warehouse licensing).
• Adding gas/gas oil/fuel consumption to the industrial approvals.
• Preparing design drawings and determining building ratios and heights.
• Calculating building ratio for release of the letters of guarantee to prove seriousness.
• In the field of studies (preparing economic feasibility and marketing studies - assessment of feasibility studies – value-added study– assessment of physical & moral ingredients of establishment – getting a study on the industrial investment maps).
• Issuing basic data (of the industrial establishment for one / more than one industrial product or activity).