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About Us:

​The Presidential Decree No. 350 / 2005 was issued for establishing the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) as a general economic authority responsible for executing the industrial policies set by the Ministry of Trade & Industry and its subsidiaries to stimulate & encourage investments in the industrial sector; formulate & implement policies of industrial land development & provision; and simplify industrial licensing procedures through:

• Studying industrial regulations and giving relevant suggestions.
• Preparing, following up and encouraging execution of industrial development studies & plans sectorally and eographically.
• Setting the general policies and plans necessary for developing the industrial zones, in coordination with governorates and other competent authorities.
• Determining the lands allocated for industrial purposes, in coordination with the National Center for Planning State Land Uses.
• Setting conditions & rules enabling the private-sector companies to establish, equip and manage industrial zones and provide areas & lands for investors, besides licensing them to set up and manage industrial zones.
• Deciding on the industrial activities & products and related service activities in the industrial zones, in coordination with the Environmental Affairs Agency, governorates and the other competent government & private-sector authorities.
• Setting regulatory conditions & rules for servicing, development & pricing of the lands of industrial zones, in coordination with governorates and other government & private-sector authorities in charge of servicing & running industrial zones to make them available to investors through the Industrial Land Support Fund.
• Setting general rules to encourage investors in the industrial zones and linking that with specific criteria of production, operation, exportation & other development goals, besides creating the proper investment climate in the industrial zones.
• Setting regulatory conditions & rules of approving & licensing industrial projects, and issuing industrial licenses and registry certificates.
• Issuing approvals and licenses necessary for establishing projects outside industrial zones.
• Following up & assessing industrial projects, in coordination with the competent authorities to ensure fulfillment of the industrial zone exploitation conditions.
• Making general policies & planning for vocational training in the industrial sector and supervising the projects financed with foreign grants & loans to meet the needs of industry.
• Setting policies & mechanisms to link the needs of development and activate the use of scientific research & projects’ results to fulfill industrial development requirements.
• Registering the companies & houses of expertise working in the field of establishing and developing integrated engineering systems of the industrial, technological and service activities.
• Issuing and publishing books, magazines, bulletins and brochures to promote industrial zones.​​