Trade plays a key role in economic development through promoting exports in different sectors, creating real export opportunities for exporters in foreign markets and raising local production in order to meet global competition.



Industry is the strategic goal and the main factor for setting production rules and organizing export decisions of the national economy through an industrial sector able to compete and export to world markets.



2017 Strategy

Industry and Trade Development Strategy.

Biggest textile city in Egypt to be established, says Nassar

Nassar has announced the establishment of the biggest city for textile and clothes manufacturing in Sadat city, northwest of Cair

Nassar opens Creative Hub Egypt in New Cairo

Nassar inaugurated yesterday the new premises of Creative Hub Egypt and the Creative Egypt project at Cairo Festival City.

Nassar participates in MENA investment conference

Nassar took part in a panel discussion, on the sidelines of the third Annual MENA Investor Conference held in Cairo.

26 companies participate in Heimtextil in Frankfurt

The Export Development Authority has organized the participation of 26 Egyptian companies in Heimtextil for linens and textiles.

LG eyes more ventures in Egypt

Nassar met with Don Kwak, head of LG Electronics Egypt, to discuss the company’s expansion plans in the local market.

Manufacturing localization, more industrial parks in 2019, Nassar says

Nassar said that 2019 will witness a number of ventures that aim to localize the manufacturing of production requirements.

Bold strategy to boost exports in 2019: Nassar

Nassar said that Egypt’s exports enjoyed a remarkable increase in the first eleven months of 2018, hitting $22.6 billion.

MTI maintains export tariffs on metals and paper

Nassar has announced the extension of export duties on some raw and scrap metals, and paper waste for a year.

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