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The Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC) was established by a Presidential Decree in December 2000 to give an impetus for a sustainable, modernized, vibrant and competitive Egyptian industry.
The aim is to support the industrial enterprises, create an enabling business environment for the industrial sector, in coordination with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and SMEs.
IMC started delivering services since 2002 and built up its portfolio based on a demand driven basis that maintains a dynamic approach to accommodate with the needs and ongoing challenges of the industry
In this domain, IMC has and still is contributing and is having a lot to share with; 300 professional staff members working on reaching the Egyptian industrial community through 19 graphically disbursed branches, 50 sectoral development studies. So far, 100,000 services have been provided to 13,000 clients across 9 industrial sectors.  
Together with the Egyptian industrial community, IMC is forming a public / private partnership consisting of various representatives from the public sector such as Ministry of Industry,Trade and SMEs and its relevant affiliates alongside the private sector, for example: in the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Export Councils and Investors’ Associations, all with respective responsibilities.

All Partners are committed towards the following values:
• Involvement and commitment towards the development process succession
• Mutual trust shared by all partners
• Transparency in all transactions
• Good governance regarding all issues
• Embracing corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and sustainable development
• Supporting comprehensive and sustainable human resource development
• Confidentiality of information and buisiness knowledge​