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1- Industrial Product Quality Control:
• Periodic and continuous inspection on quality systems and production units to provide necessary technical advice to make any adjustments needed and necessary to the existing systems
• Inspection of the various stages and even the stage of final product.
• Random samples of the final product or production stages preceding it if necessary and it is sent to competent laboratories (Chemistry Department - Ministry of Health laboratories - the labs specifications and quality ......)for analysis and review of the extent of compliance with the Egyptian standard specifications 
• Take the necessary legal action against non-conforming product
2- License for service and repair centers:
• Service centers for household appliances.
• Service centers for equipment and electronic devices.
• Advertising approval for these centers, both through the media, print, audio or video in order to protect the interests of consumers and to maintain these devices and equipment
3- Cauldrons and thermal machines settings and administration license:
The public administrations of the machines in all of Upper and Lower Egypt and its branches in the governorates to apply the provisions of law No. 55 of 1977 and its executive regulations regarding establishment and management of thermal machines and steam boilers in terms of:
•Review security requirements, the establishment and operation of boilers and thermal machine for the protection of personnel and facilities 
• Review of the establishment site prior to the granting of licenses or operating permits
• Issuance of license and operation permit ion of the thermal machines and steam boilers
• Periodic and sudden inspection, at least once annually to ensure the integrity of safety equipment and not exceeding the allowable operating pressure 
• Edit records and breaches of machines and steam boilers violation and notify the competent prosecutors in accordance with the Law No. 55 of 1977 and its executive regulations regarding establishment and management of thermal machines and steam boilers
4- Print house registration:
Issues Print house registration certifications after technical Inspection
5- Unlicensed factories developments:
Represent its technical support for unlicensed factories in order to develop it to become national economy support factories
6- Customer protection:
• Realize and examine complaints of citizens and bodies of manufacturing defects in products and commodities with the producers of these commodities
• Participate with the domestic trade sector and trade fraud control unit in their campaigns on the market
• Participate with the Investigation of Supply in its crackdown on unlicensed factories and workshops

7- Ensure the availability of applications and conditions for environment protection:
Ensure the availability of applications and conditions to protect the environment and the extent of their application and to make sure of the approval of the competent authority of licensing, when there are any violations of the utility to notify the EEAA of these irregularities
8- Participate in developing standard specifications:
Participate in the development of standard specifications with the committees formed by the General Authority for Standards and Quality
9- Studies of the temporary admission and drawback:
These studies are based on the factories request and provide the Customs Department with the results of these studies which include:
• Consumption rate for raw materials 
• Loss percentage during the operation
10- Tax rebate studies:
It means the possibility for companies to rebate customs and sales tax fees for raw materials to apply it on the exported products according to the finance minister decision No. 665 of the Year 1997 to encourage export
11- Evaluations of flour mills and factories candidate for school students meals:
According to request of Ministry of education ICA evaluate flour mills and factories after inspections and withdrawing samples then Test it in any of the authentic governmental laboratory
12- Union of industrial chambers policies setting contribution:
ICA representative in all of industrial chambers attend the chambers meetings to study all subjects related to the chamber activity