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(EECA) plays not only an important role in field of trade, business and services but also plays an important role in solving problems for Egyptian exporting companies.

One of the most important aim of (EECA) is to developing and activating Egyptian Exports in a way that matches the national aim, which is fixed by the president of Egypt.

The aims of strategy:
• Increasing the interaction between the Egyptian economy and the international markets which helps in protecting the national economy.
• Varying the Export Sector in both goods which we Export and markets which we deal with.
• Dealing with foreign market is a basic motive for technology development in the national economy.
• Increasing cooperation with international Organizations for technical support and development in the field of Exhibitions organizing.
• Preparing (EECA) for completing the international quality aspects in the field of Exhibition Services and organizing.

The Policy:
(EECA) is doing great efforts to develop and promote the Egyptian exports through achieving the following promotional activities:
• Preparing & organizing internal and external trade fairs & exhibitions.
• Organizing specialized fairs & exhibitions as well as organizing trade and promotion weeks to meet the needs of international markets and matching with the technology of 21 century.
• Inviting foreign purchasing delegation to visit our fairs and exhibitions.

(EECA) undertakes the following tasks:
• Holding International Exhibition & Trade Fairs in Egypt.
• Participating in international Exhibition abroad.
• Giving authorization for Egyptian companies to participate in foreign exhibitions abroad.
• Promoting for Egyptian Products and opening new markets in addition to attracting Arab and foreign investment.
• Transfer modern technology in fields of production and services.
• Effecting trade agreements at which Egypt participates.
• Entering promising markets through renting storage spaces in Free Zones.
• Issuing authorizations to hold Exhibitions in Egypt and abroad.
(EECA)’s Membership in International Organizations:
The (EECA) is a founding member in several international organizations as: 
• l’Union des Foires Internationales (UFI) in Paris in 1972.
• The Arab Union for International Exhibitions and Conferences (AUIEC) affiliated to the Arab League in 1995.
• The International Association for Exhibitions of the Mediterranean Countries in Barcelona, Spain in 1996.

Important Events:
A number of annual fairs and festivals are held at the (EECA), most importantly: 
• Cairo International Fair
• Cairo International Book Fair
• International Exhibition for Horticultural products 
• Tourism and Shopping Festival
• the International Fair for Spinning and Weaving Machines. 
• Cairo International Stone & Stone Technologies 
• International Exhibition for small Enterprise in addition to many big specialized fairs that serve the production and service sectors.

(EECA)'s Intensive activities in Egypt:
• Trade Fairs (Cairo International Exhibition)
It is considered the biggest trade forum in the Middle East - A member of UFI Paris in 1972.
32 regular sessions annually held in March so fan Moreover, many of specialized Exhibitions organized by either (EECA) or governmental and private sectors are held on the Fair Ground.
• Specialized Exhibitions 
(EECA) has been keen to cope with the world developed techniques of Specialized Exhibitions that serve different sectors and fulfill the public Trade Fairs needs of knowledge and know-how. Many of such local and Int'l Exhibitions are held on the Fair Ground.
(EECA)'s Intensive activities abroad:
• (EECA) placed the foreign Fairs participation plan together with Egyptian products Exhibitions that held abroad based on specific strategy for commodities and marketing and according pre-studies with all authorities concerned in exports. After knowing the exporting capacity with the aim of recognizing our Industrial, agricultural products into Foreign markets and penetrating new markets.
• (EECA) plans implements and follows up with the productive and exporting authorities.
• Planning and organizing terms of participation in External Exhibitions.
• The Selection of Exhibits according to marketing and economical studies and shipping it to the Foreign events abroad, after finalizing the necessary procedures.
• Preparing and implementing of publicity programs abroad. Seminars and conferences concurrent Egyptian Exhibitions and our pavilions abroad in order to promote Egyptian products. This will create an economical atmosphere that will lead to promoting Egyptian Exports and to business meeting between the Egyptian Businessmen and their equivalents of the other countries.
• (EECA) offers different Facilities and Services for Exhibitors before, during and after the Exhibitions and Fairs.
• (EECA) through participation in the Foreign Trade events which considered a link between Egypt's production, Services and Int'l markets all over the world offers the information and studies available resulted in Exhibiting the Egypt an products and keeping in touch with such Trade Forums
• (EECA)'s functioning has been highly developed in the field of participation in the foreign trade and Exhibition so as to be applied to the Foreign trade Experiences and promotion Of Egyptian products.
• (EECA) grants support to the foreign Exhibitions with different proportions according to the place and the nature of the Exhibition held abroad. This proportion is not less than 20% of the total Exhibitions Charges.

Organization permissions:
(EECA) encourages manufacturers and Exporters to organize the public, specialized and exhibitions of investment and to participate in the trade events in which Egypt will not take part through providing the assistance studies and information that help them to achieve their aims successfully in light of the rules and regulations set in this concern inside and abroad.