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For over a decade, we have led the way in developing the concept of Export Training, and making it relevant to your business:

• International Accreditations & Affiliations:
Our International accreditations and affiliations ensure that our graduates' qualifications are recognised in the world of business.

• Practical Experience:
Learn real measurable tips in the world of export and foreign trade that you can immediately apply in your business.

• Business Opportunities:
Using all of our resources, we help you create new business opportunities and make important decisions for your company.

• A Pioneering Centre in the region:
A well-equipped premises, qualified trainers, and a professional management team , all together make FTTC the hallmark of export training in the region.

• Learn Export Modules:
FTTC is dedicated to providing its trainees with export and foreign trade integrated modules along with business skills and new market requirements.

• Strong Linkages: 
Our close links with the Egyptian and International organisations working in the field of export, provide us with a platform to link training and research with practical working experience.