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​• Provide training, consultation and technical support services that are not available in the services provided by other parties, and reviewing quality systems in industrial and services organizations in accordance with local and international criteria and standards and develop programs to support capacity for production and service units in different quality areas
• Issue validation certificates for training and consultation providers
• Review and approve training courses material in the areas of quality, environment and safety and its related activities in accordance with international criteria and standards
• Propose and develop means of motivation and supervise the national quality awards and national quality plans and programs
• Cooperate with local and international research organizations and educational institutions in, research and development and in granting professional diplomas and equivalent certificates and signing agreements and protocols in various fields of quality
• Organize conferences, seminars and awareness campaigns. Issue magazines and other publications and specialized periodicals to promote quality culture and consumer protection to allow society to know the latest developments and the results of new studies and research locally, regionally and internationally in the different areas of quality
• Grant Professional certification and licenses to human resources working in the fields of industry, Quality and conformity assessment