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Short run Plans:

• Reviewing all the issued Egyptian standards.
• Expanding the range of standards to include all commodities, consumer's services and safety and environmental systems.
• Coping with the universality in respect of harmonization with international standards, quality systems, testing, metrology and conformity.
• The standards should abide by safety, health and environmental terms.
• Conformity with the TBT Agreement.
• Updating and mechanizing EOS work methods and offering services through electronic means through establishing data base and applications corresponding to the international organizations.
• Establishing branches for EOS in the main industrial blocks in the following cities: (6th October – 10th of Ramadan – Borg El Arab – El Sadat – Asiout – Aswan).
• Updating and developing EOS testing labs to carry out all the tests mentioned in the Egyptian and international standards, besides mechanizing the methods of work in these labs to increase the accuracy of the results.
• Accrediting EOS labs to be internationally acknowledged.

Continuous updating and developing through accomplishing the following projects:
• Developing the organizational and functional structure.
• Increasing the revenues and the production through performance equilibration.
• National Institute for Quality.
• Standards Users' Society.
• Establishing a website for consumers' services.​