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​About Us:

• P.V.T.D. is one of the largest departments affiliated to The Ministry of Industry and Technological development.
• It qualifies Technical labors at various skill levels required by industrial labour market.
• Its objectives are to improve productivity in industry and develop management systems.
• The number of the employees of P.V.T.D. is about 4000 distributed on all its sectors.
• The headquarter of P.V.T.D. includes Chairman’s office and Central departments achieving their targets in the activities of consultancies, continuous education and Vocational Training Represented by: 
1- Central Department of Vocational Training affairs.
2- Central Department of Training Zones affairs.
3- Central Department of consultancies and continuous education, Moreover, the general Department sections serving different activities of P.V.T.D.
• P.V.T.D. seeks, continuously to prepare Technical cadres of highly skilled required by industrial labor market.
• P.V.T.D. has established El Amerya Technology Center, where Training is carried out in fields of Automatic Operation systems, Leather industries and lift maintenance.
• The Department is a service unit totally funded by ministry of finance.
• The number of employees of P.V.T.D is about 4000 in all sectors.
• Available Training Zones of the department supervising the operation of 37 Training sites.
• The process of training is implemented on various industrial professions on apprenticeship system of training.
• There is also instructor Training institute affiliated to the department.
• The department has Found a Technology center at Amerya with Co-operation of the Republic of German for the purpose of qualifying Technicians.
• The activities of improving productivity are carried out by the central Department of consultancies and continuous education.