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About Us:

​​Pursuant to the provisions of the Presidential Decree No. 378/1999, the General Organization for Import and Export Control is an authority directly affiliated to the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade.
GOEIC was established by virtue of the Presidential Decree No. 1770/1971 as a service and executive agency to perform the following activities: 

First: Specific Import and Export Control

Second: Register Keeping: 
• Importers register.
• Exporters register.
• Commercial agents register.
• Scientific and consultancy offices register.
• Factory production supplies import cards register.
• Integration cards with Sudan.

Third: Issuing the certificates of origin for goods of Egyptian origin and of acquired Egyptian origin.

Fourth: Sorting agriculture crops in order to categorize them. 

The Organization performs the above mentioned activities under the following legislation: 
• Law No. 118/1971 on import and export and its executive promulgated by the ministerial decree No. 275/1991.
• Law No. 120/1982 on the importers register and the implementing regulation promulgated upon the ministerial decree No. 342/1982 and Law No. 121/1982 on registration in the commercial agents’ registers and the implementing regulation promulgated as per the ministerial decree No. 343/1982.
• Presidential Decree No. 106/2000.