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Gamea participates in conference on boosting drug exports to Africa
24 May 2021  -  Organization :  -  Sector/Entity :  -  Category : General

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The meeting explored the challenges facing the sector and ways to increase exports of medical and pharmaceutical products, especially to the Dark Continent.

Cairo- May 24, 2021

Minister of Trade and Industry Nevine Gamea has participated in a strategy conference, organized by the Export Council of Medical Industries, to increase drug exports to Africa.

The meeting included representatives of the Senate health committee; the ministries of finance, foreign affairs and health; in addition to pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic companies.

“The ministry is keen to promote pharmaceutical industries, being one of the key industrial sectors in the Egyptian economy,” Gamea said.

During the meeting, the minister responded to inquiries and demands by pharmaceutical companies about the government initiative to pay export-subsidy arrears, discussed banking problems facing exports to Africa and proposals to establish permanent logistical centers in African capitals and cities.

She added that, for the first time, pharmaceutical industries will be included among the sectors benefiting from the new export support program, and that support for land, sea and air freight for exports to Africa will be increased to about 80% instead of 50% in the old one.

According to official figures, exports of the medical sector (including: drugs, medical supplies and cosmetics) increased to $176 million in the first quarter of this year, up 47% from the $118 million in 2020.


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