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Gamea meets with FEI board, heads of industry chambers
7 June 2022  -  Organization :  -  Sector/Entity :  -  Category : Industry News

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The meeting has discussed a number of topical industry-related files.

Cairo- June 7, 2022

Minister of Trade and Industry Nevine Gamea has held a meeting with the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI)’s board, led by Mohammed el-Sewedy, and heads of the industry chambers, with the participation of senior ministry officials.

“Strengthening the partnership between the government and the private sector is a basic pillar in achieving inclusive and sustainable development plan targets, as well as $100 billion in exports,” Gamea said.

The minister pointed out that the political leadership fully supports industrialists, with the aim of expanding the country’s manufacturing base especially with regards to large and medium industries.

The ministry, she added, is drafting a new series of measures for the services provided by the Industrial Development Authority, including: granting usufruct rights over industrial lands offered at reduced prices -only utility costs- and streamlining industrial licensing procedure, cutting the time limit for obtaining a license to 20 days.

The meeting also reviewed the marketing status of the established industrial parks across Egypt and the incentives provided to investors.

Furthermore, Gamea demanded the FEI to lay out a vision for the private sector’s participation in the 27 industrial projects to be set up over three phases within the tripartite industrial partnership recently signed between Egypt, UAE and Jordan.

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