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Exports to Russia up 28.5 percent in Jan-Sep
1 December 2017  -  Sector :  -  Entity :  -  Category : General

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Kabil: Russia is one of Egypt’s top target markets.

A recent report by the Egyptian Commercial Office in Moscow showed that  Egyptian exports to Russia increased notably during the first nine months of 2017, posting a 28.5 % increase, Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil said Friday.

The value of Egyptian exports amounted to $421 million during the January-September period, compared to $327.5 million over the same period last year, he added.

“Russia is one of Egypt’s top target markets, especially in light of the ongoing talks of a free trade agreement between Egypt and the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia,” Kabil said.

The rise in exports was due to a 3.12% jump in shipments of Egyptian fresh fruits, which hit $165.7 million, accounting for 39.3% of total exports to Russia, said Ahmed Antar, head of the Egyptian Commercial Service (ECS).  
Other Egyptian products that grew significantly during the same period were: pharmaceuticals, citruses, home furnishings and ceramics by 54.5 %, 41%, 81% and 96.7% respectively, he added.
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