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Egyptian citrus exports succeed in accessing Indonesian market
18 February 2017  -  Sector : Sectors  -  Entity : Egyptian Bank for Export Development  -  Category : General

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The Egyptian commercial office in Jakarta managed to get the Indonesian agricultural quarantine's approval on impounded Egyptian citrus exports. 

Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil announced that the Egyptian commercial office in Jakarta has managed to obtain the Indonesian agricultural quarantine's approval to release all impounded shipments of Egyptian citrus fruits, which were exported by an Egyptian company. "The office has also managed to register various citrus items again at the Indonesian agricultural quarantine as per the new regulations relating to the safety of imported plant-based fresh foods, that would help Egypt's exports access the Indonesian market on a broader level. 
Minister plenipotentiary and head of the Egyptian Commercial Service Ahmed Antar affirmed that the commitment of Egyptian companies to the standards and requirements set by the Indonesian authorities is a main condition for Egyptian exports to easily get into the Indonesian market. 
"Our commercial office in Jakarta has made these conditions accessible to all Egyptian companies interested in the Indonesian market, either through direct contact with the office or by coordination with the Agriculture Export Council and various business organizations," Antar stated. "Egyptian commercial offices are very keen to implement the ministry's strategy for enhancing investment and trade relations with all countries, which would help increase Egypt's exports, especially with their strong competitiveness and high quality that qualify them to compete in foreign markets.”
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