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Egypt eyes further cooperation with Agadir states
29 January 2020  -  Organization :  -  Sector/Entity :  -  Category : General

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Gamea discusses with head of the Agadir Technical Unit ways of boosting intra-trade among member countries.

Cairo- Jan 29, 2020

Minister of Trade and Industry Nevine Gamea has met with Youssef Trifa, the executive president of the Agadir Technical Unit, where they explored means of boosting intra-trade among the Agadir member states and increasing their exports to other markets across the globe.

The meeting also discussed preparations for the upcoming meeting of the trade ministers of Agadir Agreement countries, to be held in Tunisia next year.

Gamea highlighted the importance of enhancing cooperation among the agreement members in developing small and medium size enterprises, benefiting from Egypt’s expertise in this field.

“More work needs to be done to boost the volume of the Agadir intra-trade which amounted to $1.956 billion in 2019, up 6.7% from a year earlier,” Gamea said, noting that Egypt’s exports to these markets grew 10% to reach $1.543 billion in the same year.

Trifa, for his part, pointed out that a large number of projects of regional cooperation are underway in various fields, within the Agadir Agreement, knowing that 30% of the trade exchanges between Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia take place within the agreement.


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