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Egypt-UK trade up 9 pct in Jan-Sep 2019, report
20 January 2020  -  Organization :  -  Sector/Entity :  -  Category : General

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Egypt’s exports to UK amounted to £720.8 million during the January-September period, up 5.8% from a year earlier.

Cairo- Jan 20, 2020

According to the latest report by the Egyptian commercial office in London, Egypt-UK trade grew  9.4% year-on-year to £1763.8 million during the first nine months of 2019.

It stated that Egypt’s exports to UK amounted to £720.8 million during the period, up 5.8% from a year earlier. Its top exports to the Kingdom, in the last three years, included: electric cables, petroleum products, fertilizers, vegetables, fruits, ready-made garments, non-organic chemicals, plastics, textiles, carpets, steel, ceramics, paper and furniture.

On the other hand, imports from the British market reached £1043 million, compared to £931 million over the same period in 2018. The report also cited the country’s main UK imports in the last three years: steel, pharmaceuticals, machinery, equipment, vegetables, petroleum, plastics, and fragrant plants and oils.

The report further added that UK investments in Egypt stand at $5.348 billion mostly concentrated in the local industrial sector, thus, ranking first globally in terms of the size of contribution to foreign direct investment in Egypt.  

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