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ECS head takes part in Egypt Can By Industry
1 June 2022  -  Organization :  -  Sector/Entity :  -  Category : Industry News

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Al-Wathiq Billah has participated in the 4th session on the role of industry as Africa’s development driver.

NAC- June 1, 2022

Yahya Al-Wathiq Billah, head of the Egyptian Commercial Service, has participated in the 4th session at the “Egypt Can By Industry” conference, held in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), and organized by the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and other ministeries concerned.

Entitled “Industry: Africa’s Development Driver,” the event was attended by Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram, Commissioner for Trade and Industry of the African Union Commission Albert Muchanga, President of the Africa Business Council Amany Asfour, Deputy Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa Hanan Morsi, the World Bank’s Senior Financial Sector Specialist Ahmed Rostom, along with a host of representatives from African countries.

“Africa is the land of major industrial and commercial opportunities, with 54 nations that import at some $600 billion annually and consume $4 trillion, according to figures in 2020,” Al-Wathiq Billah said.

He added that FDIs in the Dark Continent amounted to $46 billion and Egyptian investments $13 billion last year, stressing the need to boost trade with African markets which account for only 18% of the continent’s total trade flows.
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