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​​About Us:​​​

The Company was established Under the law no.21 of the establishment of The export credit guarantee Company of Egypt (ECGE) in 1992 as an Egyptian joint stock Company with an authorized and paid in capital of 250 million Egyptian Pounds.

The purpose of the Company shall be mainly to encourage and promote Egyptian export and contribute toward strengthening the agricultural, industrial, commercial and services export sectors, through the guarantee of the export operations of national commodities and services against commercial and non-commercial risks be determined by the guarantee policies approved by the company's board of directors

The Company shall have the right to undertake the different aspects of all activities regarded as complementing or connected with the main purpose of its establishment 
The Company, toward achieving its purpose, may participate in or contribute, in any form, to national or foreign organizations, establishments, or companies exercising activities similar to, complementing, or connected with the company's activities, or which are bound to result in its realizing its purpose whether locally or aboard. The company may also purchase them or participate in their establishment.

The Company 's Authorized Capital shall be fifty million pounds, while the Issued Capital shall be ten million pounds distributed over one hundred thousand shares of equal value, the value of each share thereof being one hundred Egyptian pounds.
The Founders have subscribed to the Company 's Issued Capital in full, as follows:
• Export Development Bank of Egypt 
• National Investment Bank 
• Misr Insurance Company
• Al-Chark insurance Companies
• Egyptian National Insurance Company

The founders shall pay one fourth of the nominal value of the shares subscribed to within thirty days from the date the present law comes into force, providing that the remainder of the value of shares be settled within three years from that date, at the latest, at the times and in the way to be determined by the board of directors.

MERIS, Middle East Rating and Investors Service issued a National Scale Rating (NSR) for the Export Credit Guarantee Company “ECGE” Long-term obligations, i.e. “Senior Unsecured Debt.” ECGE was given an “A-” rating in September 2010.
MERIS analysis was based on the audited financial statements for the financial year ending June 2010.
An “A” rating denotes that the institution represents Above Average Credit worthiness relative to other domestic institutions, which means that the institution has a low risk profile, in addition to its ability to repay its debts upon maturity.
The (+/-) sign denotes relative status within each rating category.