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 For Consulting Companies and Centers Now, you have an opportunity to build your capacities through on-job training activities in resource efficiency by participating in implementation of the “MED TEST II Project” as per the attached terms of references                                                    More  

Transfer of Environmental Sound Technology in the South Mediterranean Region (MED TEST II)            the project file


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 Legislations and Laws

Law No. 67 of 2006 on consumer protection

Law No. 3 of 2005 issuing the Law on the Protection of Competition



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Statistics Egypt’s trade with the world

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Agadir Agreement 

COMESA Agreement


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Investment now

Investment climate
Investment incentives
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With a view to build a modern Egypt hinging on flexible administrative, productive, and economic bodies that are capable of reacting with the successive international challenges, the Egyptian government has established strong links between production and exportation to form a harmonious scheme within the state-policy aiming at boosting exports, and upgrading national industry through modern international technology and expertise in order to produce high quality competitive market accessible products through a comprehensive trade scheme setting export promotion as a priority.

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Registration application in the register of importers  
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